khali moonsault
The Great Khali performs one of his signature moves, the Springboard Bollywood Blaster moonsault.

Since his shocking return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) last week, Punjabi giant The Great Khali has been mentoring his new protege, Jinder Mahal, on an array of death-defying aerial assaults. 

Khali spent this morning showing Mahal how to deliver his signature Inverted 450 “Tandoori Terror” Splash, as well as a devastating split-legged moonsault called “Starship Singh.” 

Khali told reporters outside the WWE Performance Center in Florida that he is training Mahal because “grrrrachschh nrwawwrr, gaghaahablahhll drachhht.”

Although Mahal is a solid in-ring technician with strong grappling skills and excellent heelish foreignness, he has thus far lacked the cat-like speed and gymnastic agility of his Punjabi mentor. 

Khali, described by many as “The Man That Gravity Never Knew in the First Place,” is soon expected to challenge for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.