Adequate Khali
The Adequate Khali is a more honest title for the wobbly Punjabi giant.

Despite his gargantuan stature, Punjabi professional wrestler The Great Khali has been an underwhelming performer in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which has led the promotion to demote him to the title of Adequate Khali.

Standing seven feet tall, with enormous muscles and a jawline that can be seen from outer space, Khali should be a marquee star in sports entertainment.

But the Indian giant has woefully limited in-ring skills and totters around on wobbly legs like a rookie clown trying stilts for the first time. As such, “the word ‘great’ is no longer a befitting monicker,” reads a press release issued this morning from WWE’s Connecticut headquarters.

After a three-month probationary period, WWE will decide whether to further demote him to The Unemployed Khali.

Reached for comment by Kayfabe News, the wrestler was visibly disappointed by the news: “Graughcghh naaghba durraaaagghhh,” he said. “Bruagh narr.”

A Punjabi translator later confirmed that Khali’s comments were “just the garbled, nonsensical blubberings of a heartbroken giant.”

The Adequate Khali is expected to lose a battle royal tonight against two midgets and a gaggle of Divas.