Following yet another lightning-quick victory — this time defeating Kevin Owens in 22 seconds at WWE Fastlane — professional wrestler Bill Goldberg is kicking himself for agreeing to a contract stipulating he is paid by the hour.

Although his hourly rate is quite substantial at $200/hour, it is only applicable to time he actually spends wrestling in the ring.

Given that he has wrestled for a grand total of 47 seconds since his return to WWE, Goldberg has only earned $2.61 — a tiny sum compared to what he would have made if he had agreed to a flat-rate annual salary.

Despite winning the coveted WWE Universal Championship last night, Goldberg was unable to pay for a hotel room, and was seen stuffing take-out Tupperware containers full of food at the backstage catering table.

Goldberg is due to compete against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, which he hopes will go at least 15 minutes, earning him the 50 bucks he needs to catch a Greyhound back home afterward.