lesnar goldberg
Lesnar didn’t stand a chance against Goldberg.

After a humiliating loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series and an equally embarrassing elimination from the Royal Rumble at Goldberg’s hands, professional wrestler Brock Lesnar was shamed once again by his rival today in a quick, one-sided game of Scrabble.

It took Goldberg less than 40 minutes to eviscerate Lesnar in a 384-121 blowout, which saw Goldberg score two bingos and a triple-word-score with MITZVAH.

Lesnar started the game in decent shape, scoring a triple-letter-score for the H in BITCH, but fell behind when he made a misspelling that Goldberg challenged: SUPLEKS.

Lesnar tried to unleash a volley of short, punchy words — HIT, KICK, YELL — but Goldberg countered with the impressive QUIZZIFY, GHERKINS, and NEXT.

Despite coaching from advocate and vocabulary tutor Paul Heyman, Lesnar was unable to counter Goldberg’s onslaught. In frustration, Lesnar flipped over the Scrabble board, shrieked like a pterodactyl, scampered up a nearby tree and threw feces at horrified onlookers.

At a WWE house show tomorrow in Poughkeepsie, Lesnar and Goldberg will square off in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.