Who faced the Undertaker at Super ShowDown in [REDACTED]? You be the judge!
Fans of sports-entertainment have been near-unanimous in their disappointment over the plodding and botch-addled match between Goldberg and The Undertaker at Super ShowDown, but Goldberg now insists the match was performed by his impersonator, Gillberg.

In a story that almost seems too far-fetched to be true, Goldberg (real name William Goldblatt) claims he was “abducted and imprisoned” by Gillberg, an exact lookalike who performed in WWE during the 1990s.

“I barely escaped Gillberg’s lair today,” said Goldberg. “I’m so sorry to have missed my chance to perform for the great WWE fans in [REDACTED].”

Due to the uncanny resemblance between Goldberg and Gillberg, it is impossible to verify these claims. It is said that even Goldberg’s closest family members cannot tell the difference between him and his doppelganger, Gillberg.

But many fans believe Goldberg is merely making excuses for a match that fell short of expectations of many fans.

Gillberg has neither confirmed nor denied Goldberg’s allegations , though we’re pretty sure Gillberg would have performed a more graceful jackhammer.

In related news, Mark Calaway, who typically portrays The Undertaker, insists it was Brian “Fake Undertaker” Lee who played the role at Super ShowDown.


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