Godfather hoes
It is believed that the illness may have originated in the caboose of the Hooooo Train.

Legendary sports-entertainer and entrepreneur The Godfather said today that “it ain’t easy” watching many of his employees suffer the damagig effects of HOVID-19. 

The Godfather (real name Charles Shango) is now raising awareness about HOVID-19, a disease scientists believe originated in a wet market (or “strip club”) in Las Vegas. Symptoms of HOVID-19 include fever, fatigue, difficulty gyrating, and fleeting flashes of self-esteem. 

“The health and safety of our staff is my top priority in these unprecedented times,” the Godfather said in a statement. “I strongly encourage them to use hand sanitizer daily.”

Sadly, a number of the Godfather’s wrestling colleagues, including Matt Riddle and Vince Russo, have recently been sidelined by the effects of BROVID-19, which causes bloodshot eyes and decreased cognitive ability, but usually subsides after a few hours. 

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