wwe office match
Classic Bill Watts booking right here.

So here I sit, as I’ve sat every day for the past eight years or so, trying to think of something satirically funny to say about pro wrestling. “Michael Cole Disowns Son Adam” or “Matt Riddle Quarantined with BROVID-19” or something, har har, whatever.  

This is my 3,001st Kayfabe News post, so you would think I’d find a clever way to lampoon WWE’s ridiculous idea of having a Money in the Bank match in which competitors sports-entertain their way from the ground floor to the roof of WWE’s corporate head office in Connecticut. 

Preposterous, right? Yes. But…

It is also a stroke of genius. 

WWE is about to fulfil the fantasy so many of us dream of in this work-at-home era: WWE is about to completely destroy its own head office for our amusement. This is the world’s biggest Make-A-Wish for grownups. 

This will be the greatest thing WWE has done in ages. Or an utter fiasco. But why not both? Let’s hope for the greatest fiasco WWE has done in ages. 

Nothing to satirize here. Cool idea, WWE. Don’t let You-Know-Who “quite frankly” muck it up, if you know what I mean.

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