goatface bryan
This goat is suing Daniel Bryan for his repeated insinuations that being a “goatface” is a bad thing.

A seven-year-old male goat named Heehaw has filed a lawsuit against WWE performer Daniel Bryan for “defamation of character.”

The lawsuit, filed in a New York civil court Monday, alleges that Daniel Bryan’s staunch refusal to be called a “goatface” constitutes a “slanderous attack against the appearance of goats worldwide.”

Bryan was served with a subpoena, signed with a muddy hoofprint, while warming up backstage for a recent appearance on WWE’s Raw program.

In recent weeks, Bryan has grown increasingly agitated at the suggestion that his bearded face resembles that of a goat, and he has repeatedly screamed that there is no such resemblance.

“Bryan is implying that having a ‘goatface’ is a bad thing, which is libellous,” said the goat’s lawyer.

The goat behind the lawsuit, Heehaw, has indicated that he would withdraw his complaint if Bryan just admitted that he’s actually a muleface.