Daniel Bryan
This goat is getting pretty fed up with being called a Bryanface.

A local goat is reportedly reaching the end of its patience after being repeatedly called a “Bryanface.”

The goat’s owner, dairy farmer Rory McMillan, said passersby have been mocking the goat for months now, implying that it looks like WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan.

McMillan admitted the resemblance between his goat and Daniel Bryan is quite uncanny, particularly because of the hair on the goat’s chinny-chin-chin.

When a group of children shouted “Bryanface” at the goat this morning, the goat brayed loudly, hollered “bahhhh” and sharply exhaled mucus from its nostrils.

The goat then stomped away into a distant paddock of the farm while grunting a noise that sounded like “no, no, no.”