The latest instalment in the long-running 2K series of sports-entertainment videogames was released just hours ago, and fans are already complaining en masse that the glitchy game is too “hyper-realistic” in its ability to agitate and infuriate them.

WWE 2k20 glitch“Man, I thought I got annoyed watching Raw every week, but this game is off-the-charts irritating,” wrote one reviewer.

Another player, having just watched his create-a-wrestler turn into a spasmatic monstrosity of limbs wriggling at implausible angles, tweeted: “This pisses me off more than Renne Young and Corey Graves on commentary, and that’s saying something.”

Gamers have already begun piling lengthy lists of bugs, missing features, preposterous animation problems, and long meaningless load times that feel even more interminable than an actual Baron Corbin promo.

One reviewer, having finished three hours of gameplay, tweeted: “Good lord, that feels even longer and drearier than Raw. #TooReal.”


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