midget wrestling
It is time for midgets to become respected as wrestlers, not just the fuel of adolescent boys’ wet dreams.

For decades, the midgets of professional wrestling have been viewed as little more than sexy eye-candy, but that is about to change thanks to a “revolution” prompted by the worldwide trending of the hashtag #GiveMidgetsAChance.

“We are much more than just pretty faces,” said former WWE leprechaun Hornswoggle. “We can sports-entertain as well as — or better than — the women who get all the airtime.”

Midget matches have long been dismissed as the “bathroom break” during WWE programming, but a new breed of highly trained dwarves are earning the respect of fans and peers the independent scene.

WWE, however, continues to market little people as one-dimensional sexpots, as depicted by the scantily clad lillipution beauties on the WWE Network reality show Total Midgies.

“It is time for midgets to be taken seriously,” said Hornswoggle, moments before sinking his teeth into a nearby referee’s left buttock.

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