Dolph ziggler autograph
Steve Dixon is starting to get “slightly stalkerish,” according to his girlfriend.

Bethany Parker, the longtime girlfriend of wrestling fan Steve Dixon, confessed today that she is growing “slightly concerned” over her boyfriend’s steadily intensifying obsession with WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler.

“It’s getting weird,” Parker confided in a friend. “I think it has gone beyond normal fan stuff.”

Parker’s worries began last year when her boyfriend began talking incessantly about Ziggler’s “excellent workrate,” and about how Ziggler is a “tremendous athletic specimen.”

She only grew more concerned when Dixon began dressing exclusively in pink t-shirts, and changed his Twitter handle to @ZiggyFan69.

Although the couple’s love life is relatively normal, Parker was upset when Dixon gave her a bottle of blonde hair dye for her birthday, as well as a pair of spandex shorts with the term “#HEEL” written on the backside.

Parker is hoping that it is “just a phase” that Dixon will eventually abandon, like the period when he became obsessed with Billy Gunn.