WWE smackdown
The fist's former home on the Smackdown set, before its surgical reattachment to the Big Show's arm.

The enormous fist that once loomed above the entrance of the Smackdown staging has finally been returned to its rightful place at the end of the Big Show’s arm.

For several years, the gigantic clenched fist hung between two video screens on the set for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown program, while Paul “Big Show” Wight got by with a realistic-looking prosthetic in its place.

After languishing in a Stamford warehouse in recent years, the silver-pointed fist was at last surgically re-attached to Big Show’s wrist yesterday.

“It’s great to finally have my fist back,” said Wight. “Most people didn’t realize I was wearing an artificial hand for so long. It looked pretty legit.”

Big Show demanded to be reunited with his own fist after recently shattering the prosthetic hand while punching the jaw of the Great Khali.