gawker hogan
The new website Mr. Gawkmerica promises to “take a stand” on the big issues and “not let it slide.”

Having declared bankruptcy following its $140 million lawsuit loss to wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, media website Gawker appears to have returned to the internet as the masked website Mr. Gawkmerica.

Although Gawker officials deny any connection to the patriotic new web property, the similarities are too stark to ignore: the multi-coloured logo, the salacious headlines, the palpable lack of Hulkamania.

Gawker’s bankruptcy became official today when a judge upheld Hogan’s windfall, prompting a Gawker spokesman to tell reporters assembled outside the courtroom that it had “come crashing down” and “hurts inside.”

Mr. Gawkmerica has promised to deliver hard-hitting, public-service journalism and “fight for the rights of every man.”

Some pundits have pointed out that the sudden arrival of Mr. Gawkmerica is somewhat reminiscent of Hulk Hogan’s 2003 stint as “Mr. America,” but that allegation is preposterous because Mr. America was obviously portrayed by Ted Arcidi.