wwe 13 screenshots
Countless game developers have been working 24/7 to omit Kelly Kelly from the latest WWE video game.

The staff at video game studio THQ are said to be feverishly working around the clock to omit all traces of Kelly Kelly from the forthcoming game.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said one programmer who opted to remain anonymous. “These last-minute changes are always the worst, like when we had to remove Chris Benoit from everything, ever.”

The programmer said the entire gameplay engine needed to be re-coded, since several new software features had been added for Kelly Kelly’s sake.

For instance, an entire team of animators in Korea worked on creating realistically flowing hair and giggling bosoms for the buxom Diva.

An entirely different team in Japan was responsible for recreating the awkwardly dainty style in which Kelly Kelly “ran the ropes” of the wrestling ring.

The developers at THQ are said to be “standing by” for their orders to remove Hunico, JTG and Mason Ryan from the new game as well.