performance center
Left to right: Luke Gallows, Alexa Bliss, Maven, and Braun “Sugarbear” Strowman.

Wrestling fans around the world were abuzz today after World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) posted a photograph depicting a visit to the company’s Florida training facility by Luke Gallows, Alexa Bliss, Maven, and Braun Strowman.

It’s unclear why the photograph caused so much excitement, given that drop-ins on the WWE Performance Center by past and present superstars are not particularly rare.

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Perhaps it was the presence of Maven (second-front-right in the photo) that caused the most online chatter, since it has been more than a decade since the Tough Enough winner was seen in a WWE ring.

Or maybe fans were aflutter because the quartet were wearing Performance Center t-shirts — a hilarious visual gag implying that they are new signees, rather than veterans of the WWE main roster.

Some of the Twitter buzz around the photograph inexplicably mentioned War Machine, even though Rhyno is nowhere to be seen in the picture.

Wrestling fans are weird sometimes.