Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are “perpetuating anti-nerd sentiment on an international stage,” says AAN President Melvin D. Snottgrass (inset).

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) may be in legal hot water after prominent tag team, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, were accused of “egregious slander and defamation” by the American Association of Nerds.

The team — particularly Gallows (twin brother of idiot savant and former wrestler Festus) — have “repeatedly and brazenly used the term ‘nerd’ as a derogatory slur against foes, which is offensive to hardworking nerds everywhere,” according to a statement signed by more than 2,000 nerds.

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The lawsuit alleges that Gallows and Anderson are “perpetuating America’s shameful history of nerdism” and inciting intolerance among the so-called “alt-jock” movement.

The American Association of Nerds was formed in 1984, shortly after the release of the filmĀ Revenge of the Nerds, with the aim of defending the rights of “any persons of nerdish persuasion, including dweebs, dorks, poindexters, and Whipplemen.”

Gallows and Anderson have not publicly responded to the allegations, but the Nerd-O-Meters on their t-shirts are reportedly off the charts.

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