WWE boycott
This latest boycott “will stick,” Sullivan has repeatedly claimed.

Describing the recent Royal Rumble event as “the final straw,” life-long wrestling fan and former sandwich artist Marshall Sullivan announced on Twitter today that he is “finally boycotting WWE for good” — his 27th such declaration on social media in the past six years. 

“That’s it, I’m done with WWE forever,” Sullivan ranted on Reddit late Saturday night, expressing his discontent over what he called “the worst Royal Rumble of all time” (a title he has given to six different Royal Rumbles). 

Boycotting WWE leaves Sullivan in a tricky position, because last week he boycotted AEW over what he called “diversity issues,” and he already boycotted Impact Wrestling a month ago for reasons he has since forgotten.  

“From now on, I’m only watching GCW,” Sullivan tweeted this morning. “But only if there are deathmatches. Otherwise I boycott! And if there are deathmatches that Matt Cardona wins, I still boycott!” 

Earlier tonight, once his parents were asleep, Sullivan watched WWE Raw on his phone under the covers of his boy cot. 

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