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CM Punk says his return to AEW has been “squandered” by “creative ineptitude” over the past 19 hours.

Despite receiving a jubilant ovation from wrestling fans just 17 hours earlier upon his triumphant return to pro wrestling, CM Punk has once again bucked authority by walking out of his AEW contract over “creative differences.”

Punk was reportedly “furious” over the “creative direction” of his onscreen character lately, insisting that the company has “bungled” his return over the dozen-or-so hours since appeared at AEW Rampage Jackson aired.

Punk’s appearance at the AEW pay-per-view this past Friday garnered one of the biggest “pops” in wresting history, but Punk is reportedly “livid” that the ovation eventually stopped. 

According to backstage sources, Punk “stormed” into the “office” of AEW executive “Tony” Khan, demanding to know why his “push” was “buried.”

Our anonymous source asked us to clarify that he put “finger quotes” around all of the above quotations, including the one in this sentence. You’re welcome, Billy Kidman. 

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