Daniel Bryan, fed up with WWE, has signed with TNA.

Professional wrestler Daniel Bryan announced today he is quitting World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to sign with Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, where he is confident he will be better utilized.

Despite being an overwhelming fan favorite with WWE, Bryan has grown increasingly frustrated with the company’s chronic mishandling of his persona, prompting his move to the substantially smaller Nashville-based promotion.

Bryan apparently reached his tipping point this past Sunday when he — and several-million wrestling fans — learned that he would not compete in the so-called Royal Rumble match.

Bryan shared the disappointment of wrestling fans worldwide when Batista (a middle-aged leather sack of muscles covered in terrible tattoos) won the important battle royal-style match.

Denied of entry into the Royal Rumble (and therefore the possibility of earning a WrestleMania title match), a frustrated Bryan called TNA President Dixie Carter and offered his services to the company.

Carter asked Bryan if he was willing to work for minimum wage, to which Bryan dejectedly sighed “yes, yes.”


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