goldberg nfl
Yep, that’s Bill “The Gridiron Gargoyle” Goldberg from the NFL!

Although best known for his years as a defensive tackle for at Atlanta Falcons, Bill Goldberg has been been quietly climbing the ranks of professional wrestling for years, and is finally grabbing his share of the spotlight. 

Goldberg will have his chance to grab WWE’s proverbial brass ring at SummerSlam when he squares off against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley (a former TaeBo instructor whose real name is  Billy Blanks). 

“I’ve worked my whole career for this opportunity,” said Goldberg. “SummerSlam will be my WrestleMania moment.” 

Until recently, Goldberg struggled to escape being typecast as “just a former NFL guy.” He admits that, in retrospect, choosing a football tackle as a signature move was “ill-advised.”

Most pundits believe that Goldberg, 71, is finally ready to be the new face of WWE, and is expected to hold the World Championship until he puts it on the line at WrestleMania against Hulk Hogan. 




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