superbowl wrestlemania
The annual Super Bowl pretends to be like WrestleMania, but is really more like WCW Beach Blast 1992.

Fans of professional football are excitedly preparing for the biggest event of their year — the ploddingly dull WrestleMania wannabe known as the Super Bowl.

The annual Super Bowl has become a beloved tradition among simpleminded fans who enjoy frequent time-outs, endless commercials, and not a single chairshot or ladder bump.

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Millions of football fans will spend most of this afternoon guzzling beer, which might help them forget that the “sport” they are watching is a predetermined charade of simulated combat.

The vast majority of Super Bowl viewers, mind you, will be bandwagon-jumpers who paid no attention to football during the regular season, but instead simply want an excuse to eat six pounds of chicken wings and watch the bloated, lip-synched halftime show. The rest will be gullible marks who actually believe football is real.

When asked by reporters which team he picked to win the Super Bowl, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon replied: “Super Bowl? Never heard of it.”