lynch the man
Seth Rollins (left) has conceded that Becky Lynch (hot) is “The Man,” but he has claimed the title of “The Woman.”

After finally conceding that Becky Lynch has earned the monicker of “The Man,” WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins upped the ante by proclaiming himself “The Woman” of sports entertainment.

At a press conference this morning in San Jose, Rollins issued a challenge to longtime frenemy Dean Ambrose, whom he will face at tomorrow’s WWE Ladders ‘N Stuff pay-per-view: “To be the woman, you’ve got to beat the woman!”

Such gender fluidity is a hallmark of today’s progressive, inclusive WWE, where both men and women are provided equal opportunity to dress up in skimpy spandex and play-fight in front of a horde of slack-jawed yokels.

A source within WWE reveals that the company aims to erase gender distinctions altogether by this coming February, thereby paving the way for the WrestleMania main event fans have been begging for: Brock Lesnar versus Bayley.

For now, however, Rollins vows to prove why he deserves the nickname The Woman, and has promised to show Dean Ambrose why he has become known as “The Lads Kicker.”




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