The state of Florida today passed another conservative-led reform to sexual education in schools, limited the entire curriculum to only the so-called “Live Sex Celebration” performed by Edge and Lita on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programming in 2006.

Florida Governor and heel Ron DeSantis announced that school libraries through elementary and secondary school will henceforth be required watch the WWE Monday Night Raw segment “to understand the beauty and normalcy of man-and-woman sexual relations.” 

The night before Raw in 2006, Edge became the first person to “cash in” his Money in the Bank briefcase on then-WWE champion John Cena. The following night, as is “perfectly normal and acceptable by all moral standards,” said DeSantis, Edge and his girlfriend Lita had sex in a bed with purple satin sheets inside a wrestling ring, in front of thousands of hooting nitwits. 

This is the latest move by DeSantis against the so-called “woke mind virus” that poisons people into having compassion and respect for other human beings. 


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