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The man known as Mr. WrestleMania will once again steal the show at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Fans of sports entertainment worldwide are united in celebration today following WWE’s long-awaited confirmation that Flo Rida’s annual performance at WrestleMania will be the “longest one yet” this year.

Mr. Rida (real name Florence Ryder) will dazzle nearly 100,000 fans at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on April 7 with a concert showcasing nine hits from his critically acclaimed career, such as “Right Round,” “Jiggity Fliggity,” and “Flo Money Flo Problems.”

Flo Rida performances have become the annual highlight of WWE’s biggest pay-per-view, as important to WrestleMania as The Undertaker’s streak, Shane McMahon falling from preposterous heights, and Randy Orton’s 14-minute ring entrances.

To accommodate the extra-long Flo Rida set that fans unanimously demanded, WWE announced today a few minor changes to the card:

  • Triple H vs. Batista now has a five-minute time limit
  • The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will involve only four Superstars®: both members of B-Team, Sin Cara, and Braun Strowman
  • The three-way bout featuring Lady Wrestlers® has been moved to the pre-show

A recent article on WWE.com listing “The Greatest WrestleMania Stars of All Time,” ranked Flo Rida third, right after Shawn Michaels and Bad News Barrett.

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