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WWE is part of the “globalist conspiracy of pro-globers,” charges the Flat Earth Society.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is facing harsh criticism from members of the Flat Earth Society for the Intercontinental Championship belt, which includes an engraved image of a spherical Earth — a “misleading and unscientific depiction,” the group says.

“WWE is clearly part of the cover-up of the TRUTH about our FLAT EARTH,” reads a press release issued today by the Flat Earth Society.

“The Intercontinental belt is a piece of sphere-based PROPAGANDA created in collusion with NASA, the guvermint (sic), the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, scientists, and the intellectual elites who are secretly controlling our rectangular planet.”

A recent poll showed that 87 percent of Americans believe the Earth is flat, as opposed to the 0.001 percent of people in the rest of the world, including newborns, who understand that it is spherical.

The Flat Earth Society, however, contends that the image on the Intercontinental belt — with grid lines implying a curved surface — is just one of many “lies propagated by WWE.” The Flat-Earthers also ask:

  • If the Earth is round, wouldn’t it just roll out of Bray Wyatt’s hands?
  • Doesn’t the term “squared circle” show that something supposedly a “circle” can really be flat?
  • If the Earth were actually round, wouldn’t WWE events taped in Australia appear upside-down on American televisions?

WWE has declined to comment on the matter, but said the company’s Chief Planetary Scientist, AJ Styles, is investigating.

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