Flair woo
Zack Ryder (left) is being sued by wrestling legend Ric Flair over what Flair deems intellectual property theft.

In an unprecedented litigious move, legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair has filed a lawsuit against Zack Ryder for “flagrant and persistent woo infringement.”

Legal documents submitted in a North Carolina courthouse show that Flair is seeking $2.5 million in compensation for what he alleges is unauthorized use of his intellectual property — the famous “Wooooo” holler.

Ryder’s lawyers are expected to argue that their client’s own trademark holler — ”Woo woo woo” (typically followed by “You know it”) — is substantively different than Flair’s in delivery, tone and woo-quantity.

The outcome of the case will likely hinge on whether Ryder’s staccato trio of woos is deemed distinct from Flair’s sustained single woo.

Flair also claims that Ryder is unfairly copying the brief period in the early 1990s when Flair spiked his hair.