New era wwe
Ric Flair unveiled his new look today, along with his new ring name, Radical Ricky Fire.

Having been callously disowned by his daughter, Ric Flair is determined to reinvent himself in WWE’s so-called New Era as a self-described “surfer dude” named Radical Ricky Fire.

Many veteran wrestlers are reportedly feeling threatened by the stars of the New Era — such as Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Kane, and AJ Styles — and are going to great lengths to remain relevant.

Flair arrived at the arena for tonight’s Monday Night Raw sporting a stunning new hairdo, which he insists is not a toupee despite the price tag several onlookers spotted dangling from it.

Flair claims he is “ready for action,” despite having officially retired from WWE in 2008, and says he is willing to “climb the ladder in NXT.”

Fellow veteran Jerry “The King” Lawler, meanwhile, is also vying for inclusion in the New Era by continuing to wear bedazzled t-shirts that only a 14-year-old boy would deem fashionable.