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According to the paternity test, Space Mountain is down for repairs.

Following the revelation on WWE Raw this week that Lacey Evans is pregnant — with the strong implication that legendary sports-entertainer Ric Flair is the father — it was announced today that the duo will appear on the Maury show for paternity-test revelations. 

The episode featuring Flair and Evans was reportedly filmed this morning, and broke into a melee when Flair’s daughter Charlotte attacked Evans with a surprise moonsault from the studio lights. 

Once tempers settled, the trio appeared onstage while Maury Povich re-lived his personal hell for the 9,837th consecutive day by revealing the results of a paternity test. 

“Ric, in the case of Lacey Evans’ child,” said Povich, pausing dramatically, “you are NOT the father!” 

The Nature Boy, overjoyed to learn that he’s finally shooting blanks, strutted around the stage with his pants around his ankles, then threw his sportcoat on Maury’s stage and elbow-dropped it, wooing giddily. 

WWE is expected to end the story with the revelation that Mark Henry is the father, at which point Evans will give birth to a prosthetic foot. 

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