charlotte divas champion
Ric Flair experiences the next-best thing to winning the Divas Championship himself.

Despite enjoying a moderate amount of success during his heyday, professional wrestler Ric Flair never achieved his greatest goal of winning the WWE Divas Championship — but he is now living the dream vicariously through his daughter.

Tears of joy streamed down Flair’s cheeks as he imagined that it was himself, not daughter Charlotte, who ended the long title reign of Nikki Bella Sunday at Night of Champions.

Though he won the World Heavyweight Championship 16 times during his multi-decade┬ácareer, Flair always dreamed of wearing the Divas Championship belt — affectionately known as the “two pounds of gold” — around his waist.

Flair did everything he could to become a top Diva — from dying his hair platinum blonde to wearing glamorous sequinned robes (and, in his later years, developing a lovely pair of bosoms) — but the Divas Championship always eluded him.

Although Charlotte’s success in the wrestling business has now completely eclipsed her father’s, she is reportedly remaining humble by neither wheeling nor dealing, and mostly refraining from kiss-stealing.