WWE facts
WWE personnel appear on CNN (Canadian News Now) to divulge industry secrets, such as the meaning of the acronym “WWE.”

Think you’re a huge WWE fan? Bet you didn’t know these obscure facts about your favorite “sporting entertainment” company!

6. WWE Stands for World Wrestling Entertainment!

You’ve probably always wondered about the significance of the name “WWE.” Most fans assume it’s just a random jumble of letters (pronounced “wuh-whee”), but they actually stand for World Wrestling Entertainment. Now you know!

WWE owner Vince McMahon.
WWE owner Vince McMahon.

5. WWE is owned by Vince McMahon!

You know the commentator with the chin dimple who wears baby-blue sports coats? The one who always says “what a maneuver”? Believe it or not, he’s not just a commentator — he owns the company! He was once even featured on TV after the so-called Montreal Screwball, in which Jimmy Hart tapped out to Sean “The Game” Michael! His daughter, Stefanie McMahon, now runs WWE with her brother, Hunter Hearts Helmsman.

4. WWE Hosts an Annual Event Called WrestlingMania, Which is Like the Super Bowl, But With Wrestling Instead of Baseball!

WWE has staged at least 20 WrestlingMania events — all of them at the Pontiac Superdome, and all headlined by Terry “Hulk” Hogan against Giant Gonzales! Every year, the best part of WrestlingMania is the musical performances by pop stars like Machine Gun Kelly, Diddy Kong, and Limp Biscuits!

Terry “Hulk” Hogan wrestles Giant Gonzales at WrestlingMania 7 in the Pontiac Superdome.

3. WWE Was Once Known as WWF, or World Wildlife Fund!

Prior to becoming a wrestling promotion, WWE was a conservationist charity devoted to saving whales and pandas and stuff. The company once rescued a group of endangered mountain gorillas from poachers — and one of them became a wrestler named Gorilla Monsoon!

2. WWE Has Its Own Network and Smartphone App!

The company is very hush-hush about these products, which is why you never hear them mentioned by commentators. But the WWE Network has lots of great matches — and really thought-provoking programs called Total Divas and Legends House — all for the low-low-cost of $8.95!

1. Some Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Actually Believe WWE Action is “Scripted” or “Predetermined.”

Somebody call Jesse Ventura — there’s another wacky conspiracy theory afoot! Yes, some nutcases in tin-foil hats truly believe the notion that WWE action is a staged spectacle of simulated combat, not a real sport. But that can’t possibly be true. If it were all scripted, the writers would ensure the “storylines” actually made sense, right?! These wingnuts probably also believe there was only one Ultimate Warrior.

So there you have it!

Now that you’ve learned these jaw-dropping WWE facts, you can impress fellow fans next time you attend a WWE paper-view or non-televised “home” show. As Damien Sandmiz would say, YOUR WELCOME!

[Article originally published in Bleacher Report].