Mick Foley Roof
Mick Foley became stuck in the chimney of his family home while trying to surprise his children.

Using a hydraulic crane and the so-called “jaws of life,” the Long Island Fire Department dislodged retired professional wrestler Mick Foley from the chimney of his family’s home today.

Foley was dressed as Santa Claus (for the 327th consecutive day) and was hoping to surprise his children for Christmas, but became stuck halfway down the chimney and had to shout for help.

“Noelle, Noooeeelle,” he hollered, trying to get the attention of his daughter, but neighbors who heard him merely thought he was singing a Christmas carol.

When shouting didn’t work, he tried kicking inside of the chimney, which made a “bang bang” noise — a sound not out-of-the-ordinary around the Foley household.

Following his extrication from the chimney, a sooty Foley said he assumed he could squeeze down the chimney thanks to his recent weight loss, but his sweatpants “bunched up,” preventing his descent.

Once freed, Foley reached into the crotch area of his fuzzy red trousers and pulled out a red and green decorative stocking.

The firefighters politely declined the peppermint candy Foley offered from “Mr. Stocko.”