Finn Balor’s makeup, seen here on Finn Balor, will soon be used to repackage Damien Sandow.

Sources within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reveal that rookie wrestler Finn Bálor’s elaborate make-up is now sufficiently “over” with fans to debut on Raw next Monday, while Bálor himself will stay in NXT.

The surrealist bodypaint reportedly got “called up” to the main WWE roster this morning, having duly impressed fans and executives alike during Balor’s phantasmagorical entrances.

Bálor himself, meanwhile, will remain in the “developmental” territory for at least another six months, since WWE executive Hunter Hearst Helmsley doesn’t want to “clutter” the main roster with “too many Irishmen” (given the current prominence of Sheamus).

It is believed that the makeup will be applied to Damien Sandow, whose chameleon-like character is overdue for another re-branding (it has been several weeks since his last metamorphosis).

Sandow will portray Damien Dragondow, a toothy mythical beast that writhes to the ring amid dramatic Wagnerian music, then becomes a bungling klutz during short comedy matches.

Bálor will soon be repackaged as Finnegan O’Blarneykiss, a happy-go-lucky alcoholic searching for his long-lost brother, Hornswoggle.