RKO vines
A screenshot from an “Abdominal Stretch Outta Nowhere” Vine, which has been viewed 31 times.

Hoping to capitalize on the “RKO Outta Nowhere” trend, overzealous wrestling fans have created a series of “Abdominal Stretch Outta Nowhere” clips, which have utterly failed to attain the viral success of their predecessors.

The RKO videos became an internet phenomenon this past week with the emergence of dozens of YouTube and Vine clips depicting Orton digitally inserted into existing footage, apparently delivering his signature maneuver to hapless victims of their own stupidity and clumsiness.

All the elements that have made the RKO videos so funny and popular — a shoddily animated digital caricature of Orton, screaming commentators, serious injury to nitwits — are notably absent from the new videos, which typically depict Orton applying the somewhat less spectacular abdominal stretch to people who, for the most part, are just having a nice stretch.

In one such video, titled “Abdominal Stretch Outta Nowhere on Kitten,” Orton is depicted applying the lackluster submission maneuver to a young tabby that has just awoken from a nap.

In another series of videos, Orton is seen sauntering into a yoga studio and applying the move on several hipsters.

Most of the videos feature an audio track of commentator Gorilla Monsoon describing the arcane maneuver: “That’ll really put pressure on the internal abdominal translateral quadratical ligamusclements. Excedrin headache number five!”

Even though the videos have failed to go viral, they are still garnering a more positive response than WWE’s “Growing Up Bella” segments.