Balor Raw
Finn Balor has already achieved Reigns-like distaste among wrestling fans.

Fans of professional wrestling, a notoriously jaded subculture with frequently shifting tastes, have unanimously declared themselves fatigued by the main-roster “push” of Finn Bálor, which began last night on Raw.

“Ugh, Bálor,” tweeted one fan, @SmarkCallous69, who just last week was “desperately hoping” Bálor would get called-up from NXT to Monday Night Raw. “Is he still around?”

Anti-Bálor sentiment spread like wildfire through the so-called Internet Wrestling Community last night, with fans sharing with hashtags including #Balorrring and #FinnThereDoneThat.

“I mean, what’s with that makeup — is he a Rastafarian dragon or something?” tweeted another fan.

During a WWE live event today in Schenectady, thousands of fans taunted Bálor with chants of “Rasta Dragon (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”