ryback feed me
Eloise Ryback says she is exhausted from constantly feeding her husband.

The fatigued wife of marauding professional wrestler Ryback wishes she had a nickel for every time she has replied to her husband “feed yourself more.”

“He’s always so hungry, and such a jerk about it,” said Eloise Ryback, a part-time dental hygienist and a self-described “full-time chef.”

Ryback’s constant demands for more food have worsened since he has risen to fame in World Wrestling Entertainment, given that fans enjoy chanting his “feed me more” mantra along with him.

“It’s a nightmare,” said Eloise.

“He’s a really big guy, he’s always working out and he’s always demanding more food. A simple ‘please’ would be nice once in a while.”

Making matters worse, Ryback recently discovered a new marshmallow snack and hasn’t stopped shouting “Feed me s’mores.”