is daniel bryan retiring
Daniel Bryan clarifies that he will no longer appear on Total Divas, but will wrestle forever because he is immortal.

Millions of fans of professional wrestling worldwide are jubilant tonight after popular superstar Daniel Bryan clarified that he is not retiring pro wrestling, but just from reality TV show Total Divas.

“I should have been more clear,” Bryan tweeted, referring to an earlier tweet that seemed to indicate he was quitting wrestling altogether.

“Sorry about any confusion. My bad.”

Although Bryan has been out of action for much of the past year, he plans to make his triumphant return to the ring at WrestleMania to conquer Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker and The Rock in a fatal four-way match.

He will not, however, appear on any more episodes of Total Divas alongside wife Brie Bella, because his doctors warned him that any further exposure to the program could cause permanent brain damage.