Indie wrestling
Fans at a Chicago wrestling show chanted "This is awesome" in an act of selfless charity.

Kind-hearted fans at an independent wrestling show in Chicago Saturday generously chanted “This is awesome” during a match that by all accounts was not.

“It seemed like the humane thing to do,” reported 28-year-old Mason Lambert, who started the chant after the third botched arm-drag attempt by local rookie wrestler Jimmy Blazes on opponent Darko Satan.

“This is awes-some (clap-clap-clapclapclap),” the fans chanted sympathetically, hoping their support might somehow improve the match, which it did not.

Although Chicago fans are notoriously demanding and vocal with criticism at wrestling shows, this particular audience decided that booing or mockery would just make things worse.

“You could tell that the wrestlers were trying hard, but failing harder,” said Lambert. “It was like watching babies trying to go from crawling to walking — you just want to help.”

The match mercifully ended after 12 minutes with a wholly unimpressive cradle suplex, after which the audience kindly but disingenuously chanted “Ho-ly sh*t!”