Fandango wwe
Fandango’s is about to become a marquee WWE main-eventer, according to his own whimsical imagination.

Flamboyant dancer-turned-pro-wrestler Fandango is on the verge of getting a big “push” (wrestling lingo for elevation to marquee-level stardom), according to a vivid daydream recently enjoyed by Fandango.

The sequin-bedazzled wrestler — currently relegated to lower-card (or “curtain jerking”) status in World Wrestling Entertainment — is about to begin a main-event feud with John Cena, according to the whimsical flights of Fandango’s active imagination.

While recently nodding off backstage during a recent taping of WWE Superstars, having just lost a three-minute squash match to El Torito, Fandango allowed his mind to conjure images of championships and roaring WrestleMania crowds.

As his mind drifted deeper toward sleep, Fandango envisioned flying to the ring with a jetpack, forcing Cena to tap out via tickle-torture, and being crowned the WWE Undisputed Champion of the Universe.

Just as the dream was reaching its pinnacle — with the entire population of the world “Fandangoing” in unison — Fandango was awoken by WWE writer and told he was being “repackaged” as an effeminate plumber named FanDrano.