fandango pronounce
Fandango refuses to make his in-ring WWE debut until people properly pronounce the word otorhinolaryngology.

Flamboyant professional wrestler Fandango has become increasingly reluctant to perform, and has now refused to set foot in the WWE ring until ring announcers properly pronounce the word “otorhinolaryngology.”

In recent weeks, Fandango has refused to make his in-ring WWE debut after ring announcer Justin Robert’s failed to properly pronounce his name as “Fahhhnn-dahhhnnn-goooo.”

At a WWE event last night, however, he upped the ante, insisting that he would only perform if the ring announcer correctly uttered otorhinolaryngology — a term denoting a branch of medicine focused on the ear, nose and throat.

Some wrestling fans are speculating that Fandango has no intention of ever performing in WWE, and will merely increase the difficulty level of the words he demands from ring announcers.

According to backstage sources, earlier today Fandango demanded that William Regal properly pronounce “Triple-H,” and demanded that R-Truth say “anything coherent at all.”