nia tamina
Tamina Jax and Nia Snuka.

Upon witnessing professional sports-entertainers Tamina and Nia Jax standing side-by-side this past Monday on WWE Raw, 33-year-old Todd Erickson of Tuscaloosa expressed his surprise that they are not one and the same.

“I’ll be damned,” muttered Erickson, rubbing his eyes to ensure he wasn’t seeing double.

Added Erickson: “Huh.”

For the past two years, Erickson — and an estimated 17 percent of WWE fans — have held the mistaken belief that “Nia Jax” was a rebranding of Tamina, whose father, Jimmy Snuka, lived under a cloud of suspicion for decades that he had attempted to fatally squish Don Muraco.

Erickson has been similarly confused in the past, like the time he was mistakenly convinced that there was only one Ultimate Warrior (the role was portrayed by nine different men).

More recently, Erickson finally conceded defeat in his long-running argument that Curt Hawkins and Buddy Murphy are the same person.

He still refuses to believe, however, that Mr. America was Hulk Hogan in disguise, dismissing the allegation as “preposterous,” since Hogan was suspended from WWE at the time.


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