Jonny Rinton declares everything about NXT TakeOver as “the best thing in wrestling ever, of all time.”

In his enthusiasm about the high-octane in-ring action throughout the recent NXT TakeOver event, 17-year-old wrestling fan Jonny Rinton failed to see the logical error in his declaration that every match was “Match of the Night.”

“In fact,” he wrote on his blog, SmarkReviews.wordpress.com, “I would asert (sic) that every match was MOTY (match of the year.”

While most wrestling fans shared Rinson’s opinion that NXT TakeOver: Rival indeed featured stellar performances by some of the industry’s top up-and-coming talent, few shared his opinion that every match “was the single greatest match of the year.”

His glowing review of the show continued: “Hands-down, Rookie of the Year honors should go to Finn Balor,  Sami Zayn, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, Bull Dempsey, both Lucha Dragons, Adrian Neville,  Sasha Banks,” and about a half-dozen others.

Rinson’s blog also reveals that he has described every episode of Monday Night Raw for the past three years as the “worst episode ever.”