Lie cheat stealAvid wrestling fan Braden McDougall claimed that he was merely “honoring the memory of the late, great Eddie Guerrero” by stealing the car of an elderly woman he has been defrauding.

“Eddie would have wanted it this way,” said McDougall, who has been jailed seven times since he first saw Guerrero perform the pretending-to-be-hit-by-chair-by-his-opponent-to-trick-the-referee schtick.

“Eddie was a great wrestler, and a great role model.”

McDougall was once a friendly, law-abiding citizen, but realized the error in his ways after he saw the fame, fortune and success that Guerrero achieved thanks to deceit and rulebreaking.

Friends of McDougall say he is highly suggestible, and takes wrestling slogans far too literally. In the 1980s, for example, he did nothing but say prayers, train and eat vitamins.