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Most wrestling fans consider The Big Show versus Batista to be the apex of ECW.

A small but vocal cadre of wrestling fans continue to chant “E-C-Dub” at World Wrestling Entertainment events in celebration of the underdog promotion that revolutionized the wrestling business between 2006 and 2009, ECW.

“I was there at the first-ever ECW show in ’06, when The Zombie debuted against Sandman,” says self-proclaimed “ECW superfan” Kyle Quinn.

“And I was watching during ECW’s finest hour, when The Big Show battled Batista, and Abraham Washington had his own talk show.”

Known for its “extreme” brand of violence, ECW was launched nine years ago by Vince McMahon, who built the plucky promotion from the ground-up into the wildly popular SyFy program that took the wrestling world by storm.

Fans still look back with nostalgia at ECW’s roster of wild “Extremists,” such as Bobby Lashley, The Great Khali, Zack Ryder, and The Miz.

ECW was infamous for its violent and bloody brawls (Bob Holly’s back got lacerated on a table once), during which legendary ECW commentator Todd Grisham would typically scream “Oh my gosh!”

ECW’s 2009 closure due to bankruptcy is widely attributed to the behind-the-scenes influence of some guy named Paul Heyman.