nancy-grace wrestling
Nancy Grace, fake journalist.

Professional wrestling is a moronic, bogus sport undeserving of widespread attention, according to Nancy Grace, a moronic, bogus journalist undeserving of widespread attention.

Grace, a legal commentator on CNN who uses outlandish exaggeration and sensationalism to captivate viewers, has criticized professional wrestling for using outlandish exaggeration and sensationalism to captivate viewers.

Grace recently came under fire for accusing wrestlers of using unfair and immoral tactics, such as anabolic steroids, to gain a competitive advantage — not unlike her own use of unfair and immoral rhetorical tactics, such as hectoring and circular arguments, to gain an advantage over guests on her CNN show.

Professional wrestling, she says, is an oversimplified pantomime of good and evil that preys on the gullibility of stupid fans, not unlike how her own oversimplifications of complex legal issues prey on the gullibility of uncritical viewers.

Grace blamed the recent death of the Ultimate Warrior on steroids (and implied the same of Owen Hart), but failed to comment on the suicide of Melinda Duckett, who shot herself after being hounded on-air by Grace.

Thankfully, most wrestling fans rarely watch Nancy Grace, because even they have standards.