mysterio eye
An all-too-common, preventable injury happens again.

The recently blinding of Rey Mysterio Jr. by arch-nemesis Seth Rollins is “yet another senseless tragedy that could have been prevented,” according to an recent report stating that 68 percent of blindings happen, as Mysterio’s did, when a person’s eye is shoved onto a corner of steel ring steps.

Mysterio (real name Larry Grabowski) lost sight in his right eye when Rollins (real name Seth Todd Rollins) callously forced Mysterio’s eye socket onto steel steps — the most common way for a person to become blind (trailed by staring at the sun and masturbating, but not necessarily at the same time).

The not-for-profit organization BAPS-A (Blind and Poorly Sighted of America) have denounced Rollins attack, calling it “yet another preventable tragedy” and calling on government for stricter¬† ring-steps-control measures.

Legendary entertainer Ray Charles lost his eyesight at WrestleMania 2, where he sang America the Beautiful and was then shoved eye-first into the ring steps by an unknown assailant (no arrests were ever made, so it would be wrong for us to name the assailant, but screw it, it was Ted Arcidi).

While the majority of blindings happen at small, independent wrestling events, the public blinding of Mysterio on WWE programming has brought the problem into the mainstream spotlight.

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