World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is preparing for its annual pay-per-view spectacular, WrestleMania, which always features jaw-droppingly grandiose staging, lighting and pyrotechnics.

If you’re avoiding WrestleMania spoilers, you might want to click away from this page now, because Kayfabe News has received from an anonymous source the very first glimpse at the spectacular set being constructed inside the Mercedes Benz Superdome in advance of next weekend’s big event.

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Keep in mind that there is much more construction to do, but things are already looking quite promising.

Have a look:

wresltemania set superdome

You know, now that we look at it more closely, we’re starting to wonder whether our anonymous source might not be entirely reliable.

I mean, does the Superdome look a bit small to you?

And that doesn’t look like a standard WWE ring, does it?

The Superdome is supposed to seat about 75,000 fans, but those bleachers look like they’d hold a capacity of about 300.

And what’s with the basketball net?


Well, until we can figure this out for certain, let’s just assume that this is indeed an exclusive first glimpse at WrestleMania preparations inside the Superdome.

You saw it here first!

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