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Bilbo “Bill” Goldberg, 74, said he has “a lot of gas left in the tank,” and then he passed some of that gas out of his increasingly leaky tank.  

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are rejoicing today after the company announced it had signed Bilbo “Bill” Goldberg to an exclusive 50-match contract, essentially locking-in the the sport’s hottest up-and-coming talent. 

The contract extension is clearly a strategic ploy by WWE to prevent Goldberg from being recruited to competitor AEW, which showcases other rookie sensations like Chris Jericho, Goldust and CM Punk. 

Goldberg has spent years tenaciously climbing the ranks of professional wrestling, from his early days as Duane Gill to his legendary recent match against Roberta “Bobby” Lashley, another indy darling making waves in WWE. 

The contract extension reportedly requires Goldberg to wrestle no less than — and no more than — two matches per year, so that every match can be billed as a “triumphant return.” 

Goldberg told Kayfabe News that he “can’t wait to show my grandkids and great grandkids that I was once a superhero.”


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