Wrestling sign
Marshall Sullivan (row 15, beside drink vendor) proudly displays his egregiously misspelled sign.

Despite spending several hours creating a large sign to hold aloft during Monday’s broadcast of WWE Raw, audience member Marshall Sullivan failed to spell a single word correctly.

“Hussle, Loyelty, Respeck — Jon Sena Fourever!,” read the sign, which 33-year-old Sullivan enthusiastically held overhead every time a TV camera was pointed in his general direction.

Sullivan seemed unaware of his blunders and oblivious to the snickering of other audience members who noticed the egregiously misspelled sign.

An avid fan of John Cena, Sullivan was elated when Cena spotted the sign in the crowd and acknowledged it with his trademark military-style salute and an even-wider-than-usual grin.

WWE officials have been known to confiscate inappropriate signs at live events, but an anonymous backstage source tells Kayfabe News that Sullivan was allowed to keep his sign for the duration of Raw because “Vince (McMahon) was laughing his ass off in the production truck.”