Triple-H promos
Players must endure a Triple-H monologue before any real action happens in WWE 2K15

Wrestling fans eager to play the newly released WWE 2K15 video game were unanimously annoyed today to discover that every gaming session begins with a droning, over-long promo by a digital avatar of Triple-H.

With wife and co-member of The Authority, Stephanie McMahon, grinning smugly by his side, Triple-H opens every gaming session with an interminable diatribe about what’s “best for business.”

No amount of button-mashing will allow players to skip the promos, which mandatorily unfold at the beginning of every gameplay session, even if the player is resuming a saved game.

There are three different Triple-H built into the game, but each of them is essentially a variation on the same theme: The Authority will do what’s best for business, because the fans are too dumb to know what they really want.

The only recourse players have is to quickly press the controller’s trigger buttons, which causes the in-game audience to chant “What?!” after each line of Triple-H’s monologue (but that only causes him to blather on for longer).

Once the gamer is finally able to play a match, the game goes to an automatic two-minute commercial break.

Early reviewers rave that it’s the most realistic WWE game yet.